Why It Is Well

“It is Well With My Soul” has always been a beautiful song to me – sung with emotions of thankfulness that even when things are/were at their worst I could rejoice and say it is/was well because I knew God was with me and in perfect control. I still believe this is TRUE and a rich comfort, but listening to it on the way to work this morning I was moved to worship God with clapping and praises at the thought that “IT” is well – not just because I know and to trust the true and living God in the good and bad conditions/circumstances of this life. It is well with my soul because I have been set FREE and my soul is His – I am FREE- not charged with the debt of my sin but FREE to walk in His grace! FREE to know and be known by God … FREE to worship and to live … FREE to love and to forgive … FREE to love and to be loved … FREE to walk in fellowship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit … FREE to know and to trust the true and living God … FREE to walk by Faith and not by sight … FREE to hope in eternity with God … and FREE to sing “It is well with my soul!”

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