Celebration of Life

God you are good! You have, this day, blessed me with 57 years of life🎉 This number represents more than years of life though – it is a reminder that …

  • through FAITH in Jesus Christ, I have known you as my God for 51 years – and
  • for 30 years I have been GROWING in the knowledge of Your grace and of my Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ ❤️ and in the nurture and admonition of Your amazing, never failing LOVE!

So while I celebrate and am deeply thankful another year of life today – my greater celebration is in You!

  • I bow in worship and celebrate who You are and that You made Yourself known to me!
  • I bless Your Name – Name above all Names – and celebrate being adopted into Your family and known as a child of God!
  • I praise You for all that you have done for me for 57 years – and celebrate my salvation 51 years ago – and Your mercy to bring me to a fuller understanding of Your Grace and to grow me up in the nurture and admonition of Your Love over the past 30 years!

As I was writing these words – a song from many years back started playing in my mind – And will be my song of celebration today 🎶

Listen to my birthday song

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