The Reminders

Father, You are Good. Perhaps there is no time of year that reminds me of this TRUTH more than now. Now with all of the TREES and twinkling LIGHTS … Now – with all the shopping for GIFTS that will soon be wrapped and placed under the tree … Now with the all the Christmas music playing everywhere … There’s no where to look or way to drown out the beautiful sights and sounds of Christmas. And for this I am glad – for while I know to some, if not most, these sights and sounds are more and more reminders of our over commercialized and secular celebration of this SACRED HOLIDAY, for me, the trees that fill my house and the songs that fill the air are ALL sweet and treasured reminders of You Fatherđź’ś. Your gift of LOVE come down to earth, wrapped not in paper and bows but swaddling cloths. Your gift of HOPE to those who were without any. Your gift of JOY for those who had waited for this PROMISED MESSIAH. Your gift of LIGHT to a world filled with darkness – and Your gift of PEACE proclaimed on that silent with the message of “GOOD NEWS of great joy that would be for all the people – a SAVIOR, who is Christ the Lord!”

Prayer: Father, protect and develop this focus daily in the midst of a world that will clamor for my attention, and help me to share the GIFTS with those around me everyday.

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