Faithful Shepherd, January 2, 2014

My day started with a scare as I drove to work and slid out of control after hitting a patch of black ice. Just before I would have slid over the hill the wheels quit spinning and the car was back under control – not my control – but the merciful control of God. There were two more patches along the way but none as bad as the first. My speed, of course was slowed and my awareness to the road in front of me was heightened; my heart raced both with the adrenalin that comes with the aftermath of fear and with gratefulness at the realization of Gods protective – and what I would later realize as sovereign control. A mix of snow and rain fell most of the day but visually amounted to little more than a cold, wet and dreary day – conditions I normally would have given little thought to – except for the fact that I still vividly recalled the events of the morning? The snow picked up and the temps dropped as the time drew closer for me to leave work and head to Huntington for a hair appointment. Anyone that knows me knows that I seldom, if ever, miss a hair appointment, but despite the fact that the roads looked perfectly clear, I couldn’t shake the earlier incident . I followed my ‘instincts’ (that still small voice) and cancelled the appointment and headed home. Once there, it seemed so silly to have passed on the hair appointment since the roadway was as safe as it had appeared, it wasn’t until later when I heard about a 15 car accident – on the road I would have taken and at the approximate time I would have been heading home – that I realized how God in His sovereignty had not only protected me from the near catastrophe of the morning but from what surely would have been a worse fate had I not heeded the internal voice of my faithful Shepherd.

The icing on the cake – my one word this year is faithful and today I vividly saw His faithfulness – what’s more is that my children saw it too. Throughout the evening there was much discussion of His sovereign and intimate care over us, and together we have given Him praise. To top it all off, as we opened our ninth day of Christmas adornament tonight – it was the staff, representing the Good Shepherd, and the scripture described Him faithfully and lovingly caring for His sheep . Coincidence? Not at all! It was simply the answer, with an exclamation point, to a prayer I prayed earlier this morning. I was going back to work after a nice quiet Christmas vacation,at home with my girls, so I asked Him to quiet my heart before Him and to help me be still and know that He is God. He faithfully and visibly answered – I am your God and I am with you wherever you go.❤️

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