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About a month ago I subscribed to “Our Daily Verse” – which is simply that, a daily verse I receive in my inbox every morning around 6:30. Each verse comes with a short comment from the host as well as a quote, song, and picture of the day. I use the verse as a morning prayer prompter, and then I watch for ways that God chooses to use it in or through me during the day. In full disclosure, depending on the busyness of the day, I sometimes forget the verse by mid-morning or afternoon, but at the close of the day I try to circle back to it and reflect on how it may have applied to my day or been used to encourage someone else.

– To bridge the gap between studies and keep us journeying through the Word – I will be sharing one of these daily verses and a link to their content, past or present, for the next two weeks. I believe you will find them a blessing and look forward – with hope – to hearing your comments, thoughts, or questions.

Verse of the Day: Philippians 4:13

I started this morning reflecting on this empowering truth from Philippians 4:13 …

The thoughts and prayers it prompted …

Father, you are good! You have given me Jesus and You have given me Your Spirit and through them I can not only draw near to You but I can do all “this” — All that You have called me to and/or allow in my life. You – Father, Spirit, Son – You are my STRENGTH, my SONG, my HOPE and my JOY! Oh, how I worship You.

You make me brave when I am afraid – You whisper peace and You give grace for each moment and fresh mercies every morning! When I am weak You are strong – When I don’t know the way You show me – When I hurt You comfort me – When my body fails I look to You for healing power – When I am tempted You show a way of escape – And when the storms come You walk with me through the waters and hold me up so I that I am not overcome by them!

I rejoice in these words by Oswald Chambers –

“God does not give us overcoming life: He gives us life as we overcome.”

Through Christ You empower me to live – to endure – and to walk in confident HOPE that all of Your promises are “Yes and Amen in Him” who has overcome the grave; and through whom I can do all things!

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