Trust God’s Wisdom

Insight is like a life-giving fountain to the one who possesses it,
but folly leads to the discipline of fools.

Proverbs 16:22 NET

This morning’s prayer starter by Criswell Freeman was absolutely perfect and such a needed reminder and source of encouragement for what we are facing in the world and in our individual lives. I have chosen to share it in its entirety. I have included a few definitions of some of the words in the proverb – since I found them helpful for myself. I pray it is a blessing to all who read it and that You will seek, know, and choose God’s wisdom, peace, comfort, and guidance every day.

*Insight: wisdom, knowledge, understanding

*Discipline: 2A branch of knowledge, learning, or practice

*Folly: a foolish act, idea, or practice

Microsoft Bing dictionary

“Where will you place your trust today? Will you trust in the wisdom of fallible men and women, or will you place your faith in God’s perfect wisdom? When you decide whom to trust, you will then know how best to respond to the challenges of the coming day.

Are you tired? Discouraged? Fearful? Be comforted and trust God. Are you worried or anxious? Be confident in God’s power and trust His holy Word. Are you confused? Listen to the quiet voice of your heavenly Father. He is not a God of confusion. Talk with Him; listen to Him; TRUST Him. He is steadfast, and He is your Protector, now and forever.” Criswell Freeman Prayers to Start Your Day, #67, p65

Dear Lord, You are my Teacher, Help me to learn from Your wisdom. And then, let me show others what it means to be a kind, generous, loving Christian. Amen.

Criswell Freeman- Prayers to Start Your Day, #67, p65
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