LGG Group Guidelines

1.This group is for digging deeper in the Word, accountability, encouraging, uplifting, andprayer.

2.Log in during your quiet time to share your thoughts or SOAP on the daily reading Monday through Friday images. The beauty of this online Bible study is that it’s very flexible to your schedule. Please don’t ever think that your comments are not good enough, or not as good as other women. We all learn from one another and we LOVE to hear what God has taught you!

3. Be respectful and positive at all times. We are here to share and encourage one another, and each person is in a different walk with Christ. Some are more advanced and some are new to Christ. Please be respectful of other people and other denominations.

4. PRAY for each other! Share prayer requests in the comments of the weekly Prayer & Praise post. It helps to keep all the prayer requests in one place so they can be easily found and prayed for.

5. This group is NOT a place to promote one’s own ministry, careers, or platforms. Links maybe shared ONLY if they relate to the content of the discussion. If you would like to post something not related to the study, please first send a message to your Facilitator.

6. This is a confidential group. What we share here stays here.

7. I understand that my voice matters in this group and I have an opportunity to encourage,support and love on the women in this group by what I share on a weekly basis.

8. If a problem arises with another member, I agree to handle the issue in private and contact the Facilitator.

9. I understand that it is up to the Facilitator to add members to the group and I need to contact her if I have a friend that wishes to join the group.

10. I understand that if this group is not the right fit for me, I will contact the Facilitator to discuss it with her.

11. I understand that the Facilitator of this group retains the right to remove members from the group who do not uphold these expectations. If you agree with these Group Guidelines, please type ‘AGREE’ in the comment section. Thankyou!

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