On the 11th-Day of Christmas

On this 11th-day of Christmas, I am reminded how God in His goodness provides not just for our physical needs but even greater – He has provided the Spiritual Bread of Life – Jesus Christ! The Manna from Heaven that feeds our souls and gives us life. The bread of God that comes down out of Heaven and gives life to the world. So today I celebrate this Eternal – Life-Giving – GIFT who has secured my Spiritual Health with His blood. “Regular food is only good until we become hungry again – But His Word truly satisfies our deepest needs.” It satisfies like nothing else can when we are craving peace or comfort, and It fills us up when our strength is gone. It enriches us when we need wisdom and direction, and It overflows with goodness when we need to be reminded of God’s love. God’s Word is alive and active and It GIVES Light to our path – illuminating the darkness around us. May we be reminded of It often throughout the days of our lives; and may It flow through us that others might taste and see Its goodness!

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