On the 7th-Day of Christmas January 1, 2021

ScriptureRev 5:5; Name of JesusThe Lion from the tribe of Judah; OrnamentLion

On this 7th-day of Christmas, I celebrate God’s goodness through Jesus – the Lion of Judah! Born into the world as a human – in a manger bed – yet with all the power to rule over every other created being. And – like the lion, powerful enough to kill – yet showing the most tender love for those who belong to Him. Jesus, the Lion of Judah, is able to protect me from all other predators and deliver me safely to the Father – who continues to carry out His will/plan before us. For just as He promised that Jesus would come through the royal tribe of Judah, He also promised that He will come again to take us home – and we look forward with HOPE to that day.

Me – from the Insideout

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