On the 6th-Day of Christmas December 31, 2020

ScriptureRevelation 22:16; Name of Jesus The Bright Morning Star; Ornament – Star

Today, on this 6th-Day of Christmas I have unwrapped the “STAR”, an ornament that symbolizes God’s Gift of Jesus, The Bright Morning Star. He is God’s son, my Savior – begotten of God – not created – God in flesh – greater than any created being. He is more powerful than Satan or any ruler on earth – The Prince of Peace and the Giver of all true LIGHT. As the wise men followed the star to find the Baby Jesus, when I follow Christ, The Bright Morning Star, I will find the awe and “excitement, and the LIGHT of that perfect day when He will raise us up to live with Him in heaven to worship Him forever.”

Father, Thank You for Your Gift of The Bright Morning Star, who is Christ the Lord! Spirit, help me to keep my eyes on Him from here to eternity – where, like the wise men, I will bow down in worship of Him who no longer lies in a manger, or hangs on a cross, or remains in the tomb – but who sits at the right hand of Your throne in Heaven!

Me – from the Insideout

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