Ah Father, You are, as always, GOOD! And I am glad and better for knowing Your goodness – to see it and feel it – to hear it and simply sense it. Your nearness, Your intimate knowledge and care of me, Your intimate involvement with me do not go unnoticed. You reveal Your HEART to me – Your gigantic, loving, full of GRACE heart – and my heart, my life, my mind, my direction – these pieces of me begin to change or be repaired. They are stretched and molded and broken and made alive – by the revelation of Your heart – to look and feel and  see and to respond more and more like You. Your heart reveals Your passion for me so I am moved with compassion. I am moved to give – love, money, gifts, a place, or the warmth of a smile or simple kindnesses – because You gave and continue to give. You forgive so I am moved to forgive. In Your patience with me I am moved to be patient with others and have learned to be still and wait on You. You are attentive to and remember me and this moves me to be attentive to and remember the needs of others. This is not me, this is You loving, living, and moving in me.

I journal daily of Your goodness Father but this morning, in this quiet, shadow filled room – in the warmth of my blankets and one small light – remembering how I have seen You this week and dwelling on Your Word opened before me – I am overwhelmed by YOUR HEART, the very essence of Your goodness and the reason for Your Presence with me.

May I stay overwhelmed and moved by Your heart and may it (Your Heart) be worn on my sleeve, branding me as  “YOURS”. May it be seen in my actions … heard in my speech … felt in my presence … and missed in my absence – that I might, in the ‘likeness of Him’ – Your heart made flesh, draw others to You so that You might be glorified, and – so that their hearts, like mine, might forever be changed.

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